Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Don't do drugs fuckers!
Paris Results
This piece allowed me to Graduate The Art Institute of Seattle in 2007-8.
Inspired by a certain Art Director I think every who I know, is in the know of who I am referring.

Inspired by a certain game company. This is High Rez in Maya. Still a WIP. Still have the .obj

Copied every page of Bridgeman's Drawing Manual or Someone else or keeps referring to the same manual. Nox, Andrew Jones, some guys name I do not remember, I think he done died.

This piece was design for a hand painted environment in Unreal. Actually, it was supposed to be the beginning of a power point presentation for some end class at The Art Institute of Seattle dealing with issues about how Doctors release medications to the public without going through case studies and contingencies. Some women made a graphic that was more appropriate. I remember her staring me in the face with dark sun glasses all pissed off, and of coarse, she won and her graphic was on the power point presentation. However, I did know more about the subject because my mom worked for Novartis Pharmaceuticals and there was a moment of silence that befall on the graphic artist during the presentation, so HAH!
Basically need to transfer my 2d skills into 3d now as was told to me by a greedy lighting artist some years back-some things he said in class:
-Make pretty pictures (when referring to a dear friend's still life)
-Suck it up!
-Find a short story in a book that drives your focused fire to make better artwork
-He, went from Master Degree, to waiting in line to get a job in Hollywood, then started his own production company, animation focused, Ended on a high note as supervisor visual effects artist on Pirates of the Caribbean 2 or 3, moved to Seattle because crime in Gotham/Los Angeles is high; one of his friends got shot gunned in the back as a gang initiation sick right of passage thing. This guy learned a lot about animation, paper traditional animation, composing a scene with a check list techniques.
Best Advice he gave me: Try and make a focused Still life as a pretty picture for portfolio. I don't know where he is now. Hope he's doing well.

Moss Study Photoshop

Sunday, November 5, 2017

November 5th, 2017-Found Infinite Sources of Inspirational Muses.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017

....dun dun duuuun!

Naw, there's no trail, naw, there's no trail, we'll, we're going make one. THATS how you overcome panic and fear. Keep remembering who you are and where you came from. Try and bring some equipment/study equipment too.

Bullet Point:

-Oh no, I don't see a path
-Well there's sort of a path over there
-Ok now we have to jump into a swamp mud river bush land
-Lets see
-Oh look, over there!
-Oh there's this huge sharpy bush....
-Oh look over there, there's a hole cut out of the fence, goody.
-Oh look, I'm on the same trail I was a few days ago.

Best End Results:

-Felt really good
-Got a nice tree/bark texture to work with that's mine forever
-Overcame mental blockage